Things Floor Planters Set of 3


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A viridescent relic that will give the corner of your space a mystic aura, this set of floor planters will add a subtle ornamentation to your space. Use it to plant your vegetation, or as a storage piece.


  •  Large- 13.5″ Dia x 22.5″ H
  •  Medium- 11.75″ Dia x 18″ H
  •  Small- 9.25″ Dia x 13.75″ H


  • Finish : Gilded Verdigris
  • Material : Mild Steel

Care And Maintenance

  • Wipe metal and coloured glass with soft dry cloth. We do not recommend using harsh household chemicals to avoid discolouration and distressing of surface.
  • Wash clear glass with mild soap, wipe clean with damp cloth.
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